Condense is in a limited developer preview, and licenses are not yet being offered to the public.

Pricing — preliminary guide

A domain assembly built for the Condense Framework will run on any runtime, and will scale with it, without modification.

Condense Light

An in-process runtime

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Use the benefits of the Condense framework inside your own application. Using the Couchbase-backed storage provider it supports the durability and performance of a Couchbase cluster. Light uses a fast in-memory queue provider and manages its own worker threads, making it as reliable as the application it is running inside.

This runtime is initialized with a single line of code, and the only configuration required is the storage URI. Direct references to any integration interface are provided on-demand.

Condense Cloud

Scalable & guaranteed event processing

Clients will run their own clustered solution using an AWS Marketplace machine image which supports auto-configuration. Billing will be handled by AWS, and priced as a percentage on top of their EC2 rates, allowing maximum flexibility.

A minimal amount of configuration is set in EC2 metadata (data store url, bucket name), which allows Condense to bootstrap itself from an S3 bucket. Integration endpoints will be exposed as web API.

This supports auto-scaling using Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS features such as API Gateway, Virtual Private Cloud, and GovCloud.

Condense Private Cluster

Custom in-house scalability

Clients will be provided Condense server software, equivalent to the Condense Cloud solution. This will allow use of the Framework where a cloud solution is inappropriate.

Condense is designed to allow interchangeable providers for storage and queues. You will have the choice of using existing supported infrastructure, or we can assist with developing drivers for your existing queues, event bus, and storage. Source code will be available.

Private Cluster applications can use the existing standards for exposing integration services as web API, or we can assist with integrating Condense into a more complex web service application. The architecture allows a split between integration and worker nodes, increasing deployment flexibility.

Target price guide


BYO host


on AWS EC2 rate

Negotiated Fee

Software + customization
As Condense is yet to be released, deployment options and pricing are not finalized. This information is intended to act as a guide. This information does not constitute an offer or guarantee of a particular price point or set of features. Parts of Condense may become open source under a public license or reference license.
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