Condense Light

Condense Light Condense.Light Condense Light is an runtime that is designed to be embedded in your web or desktop application. ´╗┐Everything in this document is based on an early preview of the Condense runtime. This preview is not publicly available. Your Domain Assembly You may use a separate assembly or include these types in your application directly. Reference Condense.Core. Create your entities as POCO object. Decorate them with the Entity attribute.

Condense Technical Overview

Condense In Brief Condense is a reliable event driven architecture implementation, leveraging a durable persistence store, with flexible integration options. You provide an in-code description of your business data model and process in a regular .Net assembly project, referred to as your business domain. This domain assembly can then be hosted by a Runtime which fulfills the promises of the framework. This could be the in-process Condense Light framework, the SaaS Condense Cloud offering, or a private cluster.