Condense Light

Condense Light Condense.Light Condense Light is a runtime that is designed to be embedded in your web or desktop application. ´╗┐Everything in this document is based on an early preview of the Condense runtime. Prerequisites The Preview is available on Nuget. Condense.Core:, or Install-Package Condense.Core Condense.Light:, or Install-Package Condense.Light Couchbase Server (recommended): This can be installed locally, or remotely (eg: EC2 - with AMIs available).

Condense Technical Overview

Condense In Brief Condense is a reliable event driven architecture implementation, leveraging a durable persistence store, with flexible integration options. You provide an in-code description of your business data model and process in a regular .Net assembly project, referred to as your business domain. This domain assembly can then be hosted by a Runtime which fulfills the promises of the framework. This could be the in-process Condense Light framework, the SaaS Condense Cloud offering, or a private cluster.


Preview Condense is in a limited developer preview, and licenses are not yet being offered to the public. Pricing — preliminary guide A domain assembly built for the Condense Framework will run on any runtime, and will scale with it, without modification. ´╗┐Condense Light An in-process runtime Try the preview! Use the benefits of the Condense framework inside your own application. Using the Couchbase-backed storage provider it supports the durability and performance of a Couchbase cluster.